The Bugle Inn

a traditional Irish Pub, and a free house, with a long and interesting history, in Brighton

The Bugle is a genuine Irish, traditional free house and community pub with the best guinness in Brighton, a good selection of real ales, whiskies and popular beers at competitive prices, as well as a shot bar and £3 Tuesdays, priced for students.

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The Bugle Inn was originally constructed around 1850 and is so called because it was a popular haunt for the soldiers of Preston Barracks, now the site of a B & Q superstore in Lewes Road. If the soldiers ventured further away from the barracks than the area of the Bugle, they would be unable to hear the the sound of the evening Bugler recalling all soldiers to barracks. The pub has an interesting history and stairs down to the cellar were constructed so that the cellar was used as an air raid shelter by local schoolchildren during the 2nd world war. Many of these children later became regular customers at the pub. The old stairs still exist and are now used by us to store our wine bottles.


We have a private beer garden, comfortable smoking area at the rear of the building and children are always welcome in our garden and family room. For the last 28 years the pub has been owned by and run by a local family. The pub is haunted and many occupants experience regular contacts with supernatural figures and furniture and other items are regularly but inexplicably relocated within the bar and accommodation above.


The first photo on this screen was found when clearing out rubbish from the beer cellar. The second photo was given to us by the man with the feather in his hat, Dennis, the previous landlord of 30 years. We displayed the first photo in the bar and a customer recognised his grandfather (2nd right in middle row) who was a dustman in the 1890's and a regular at the pub.


Discover our spectacular secret Beer Garden which we believe is the ultimate Beer Garden in Brighton.

You can see images of our garden on our Instagram or the gallery page.



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